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Multisource Technologies is situated in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Multisource Technologies specialises in the design and manufacture LED Lighting products. Our products are of world-class standards and give you, our customer a peace of mind that you are buying nothing but the best!

Recently completed, is our new factory which symbolizes our commitment to modern methods of manufacturing quality LED lights. Some of the products manufactured in South Africa include the following:

LED Lighting Downlights, LED Lighting Globes
LED Lighting Candles, LED Lighting Strip Lights
LED Lighting Tubes, LED Lighting Street Lights
LED Lighting Swimming Pool Lights; and much more.

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5” Sparkler Pool Light - 48 & 100 LED Chips



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Sparkler Mini LED Pool Light



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LED Sparkler Submersible Light



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Sparkler LED Garden Glow Spike



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5 inch Sparkler Pool Light Sparkler Mini LED Pool Light LED Sparkler Submersible Light Sparkler LED Garden Glow Spike

Sure LED pool bulbs are more expensive, LED bulbs use less wattage, usually under 10 watts. That's a lot less than a 500 watt bulb! LED pool bulbs also last nearly forever!  Lower wattage means fewer amps required to operate your lighting around the pool. This means less energy consumption and less dollars flying out of your pocket.


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